Martial Art Classes for Kids and Adults

At Durham Modern Martial Arts, we strive in building our community by helping people get in shape, be safe and, at the same time, instil the life skills and characteristics of a true martial artist.

We know that the values and life skills taught through the Martial Arts can create remarkable improvements in school, careers, relationships and every day activities. We are driven to help people achieve higher levels of self-discipline, personal empowerment and a positive attitude towards everything that you influence.

At Durham Modern Martial Arts we provide expert training in martial arts, personal protection and fitness. Our professional instructors take the time to create a tailored environment to give you the right experiences in the martial arts, regardless of your age or experience. We take the time to ensure that each student reaches their own unique goals.

Thank you so much Bryan! I found the lessons and strategies very practical, interactive and highly applicable. It was taught in a way that was very easy to understand having no martial arts background.


I have really enjoyed the classes you are offering. When I started this class I had a back problem, now I am having trouble remembering where I had pain. I am grateful for the training I received, physical and mental, as I am definitely practicing a lot of what you taught me in class, in my daily life


We are very impressed with DMMA. Our son’s confidence is continuing to grow, he learns valuable life skills and street smarts, on top of his martial art skills & basics, and he always always goes and leaves with a smile. For us in Oshawa, it is worth the drive to Whitby!


Learn. Accomplish. Inspire!

Developing the Qualities of Leadership and Athleticism through the Martial Arts


The foundation of our classes is practical personal protection skills that are built around age appropriate bad-guys; the bully, bad stranger and professional criminal. Skills are taught in a progressive manner focusing on striking and stand-up grappling.

Martial Values

We are a modern school of martial arts that focuses on traditional values of self-empowerment, self-discipline, responsibility, encouragement, and success. We use these qualities to build the fundamentals of leadership in our students.

Life Skill Development

Each month we explore a theme of how the martial arts apply to daily life. Student’s experience exercises and mat chats on a variety of topics including goal setting, courage, perseverance, teamwork, and respect. We call this Black Belt Excellence; the bridge that allows a martial artist to demonstrate their art in everything they do.


We establish a culture of fitness where exercise is a reward and not a punishment. Students develop a martial art lifestyle in a progressive manner that is fun and challenging. Our fitness activities is built upon our Royal Court program that helps direct you towards continual improvements in your overall level of fitness.

Get Started with our Introduction Program

Our Introduction Program is the best way to see why so many people enjoy the martial arts classes of our school. Our group classes are the perfect way to experience our classes, meet our students, build rapport with our teachers and get your first step onto the martial arts path. Our introduction is $25 and includes two group lessons and a free uniform!

Pacific Archipelago Martial Arts Camp – Canada – 2018!

Guro W. Hock Hochheim Seminar Pacific Archipelago Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts Toronto, Canada April 27-29, 2018 W. Hock Hochheim is a retired military and Texas police patrolman and detective who started training in Parker Kenpo in 1972. He has...

October 2017 Newsletter

New Belts Congratulations to Johnnie, Cassidy and Aiden for earning their new belts in September. We are always proud of our students when they are awarded their belt. Belts are always earned, they are never given. An element of our belt ceremony is the placement of...

September 2017 Newsletter

I love the fall. It’s my favorite season – a combination of many things including perfect breezes, the concepts of change, and the start of something new at our school. August represents our birthday and September has always been used as a moment of change at Durham...

August 2017 Newsletter

Accomplishments and Belt Awards This month’s accomplishment awards were easy to see; representing important aspects of a martial arts culture. The first award goes to Ethan, who not only demonstrates a love for the martial arts, but a relaxation when striking targets...

July 2017 Newsletter

Accomplishments and Awarded Belts One of the philosophies we have in our approach is that a Martial Artists demonstrates their “art” in everything they do. Our accomplishment awards for June go to three very deserving students who showed the success and leadership we...

The Daily 4-Exercise Workout for DMMA Students

We have a culture of fitness! We know that being a martial artist means we are healthy and part of our overall health is physical fitness. A little bit of exercise every day goes a long way. I love my kettlebells and sandbags but sometimes the day is busy and the...

Knife/Counter-knife Workshop with Hoch Hochheim

Durham Modern Martial Arts was proud to host Combatives and Filipino Martial Art Expert Hoch Hochheim for a two day workshop on Knife/Counter-knife combatives. Held on April 24th and 25th, this event had participants from across Canada including New Brunswick and...

Meaning of the Karate Belt

At Durham Modern Martial Arts a belt represents a series of accomplishments a student has achieved during the practice of our art. It is a measurement of goals, lessons and expectations that each student has learned, experienced and demonstrated with confidence on and...