Durham Modern Martial Arts was proud to host Combatives and Filipino Martial Art Expert Hoch Hochheim for a two day workshop on Knife/Counter-knife combatives. Held on April 24th and 25th, this event had participants from across Canada including New Brunswick and British Columbia. Participants focused on experiences in three areas of combative training with the blade – the Sabre Stab, Stress Quick Draws and Death Grip counters.

Sabre Stab – this was the foundation for the weekend and included a variety of subjects to build a solid foundation for training. Participants worked the stab from the angles of attack found in the combat clock and then applied them in conjunction with combat scenarios. In addition to basic targets, we explored the “quicker kills” concept in addition to the diminished fighter theory. Always a favourite, each combat scenario ended with one of the great blade disarms such as “the apache strip” or the “impact disarm.”

Stress Quick Draws – was a great experience on getting your knife into action when its in a conceal or carry position. Quick draws is the method of rapidly getting your knife out of a carry position so it can be used immediately – often in the same motion. We worked stress quick draws from standing, grappling and ground positions. We also incorporated the sabre stab material into our stress quick draw experiences.

Death Grip Counters – or in the “clutches of” was a class favorite. This experience focused on striking, manipulations and extractions when both you and your opponent have grabbed each others wrists while armed. Hock covered a lot of material in this session, relating it to the details we built in the sabre stab module. As with all training over the two days, Hock included numerous real-world insights from his experience in the military and law enforcement; as well as those within his inner circle.

We are very proud to be hosting Hoch Hochheim next April (2018) for a three day workshop that will include additional knife/counter-knife material in addition to a series of sessions on Filipino Martial Arts including exercises from Modern Arnis and Kombatan founders Ernesto and Remi Presas.