New Belts

Congratulations to Johnnie, Cassidy and Aiden for earning their new belts in September. We are always proud of our students when they are awarded their belt. Belts are always earned, they are never given.

An element of our belt ceremony is the placement of the belts, the old and the new, in the shape of an “L”. The “L” is symbolic of many elements that are needed to be recognized for your accomplishments. Here are some to consider:

  • You must love the art for long-term success is driven by passion.
  • You must listen in order to learn; listening means we hear, understand and make the right choice
  • The lessons we learn and demonstrate represent the accomplishments for each belt.
  • We must be loyal to ourselves first.
  • The martial arts has lots and lots to offer, give, and learn so take lots and lots of time to appreciate it
  • We never lie to ourselves about what we have earned and what we have accomplished

Mr. Parker in defining the alphabet of Kenpo made these relationships:

  • Learn whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  • Loyalty to yourself first.
  • Be a likeable person.
  • Make the art a lifelong study
  • Develop love for yourself, others and the martial arts.
  • Be a leader among your peers
  • Develop leniency toward others honestly

Black Belt Excellence – Teamwork

October’s Black Belt Excellence Theme is teamwork. A team are people who work together to common goals and support each other. Team members work in a cooperative and collaborative manner. Student’s will learn about age-appropriate ideas on how to be part of a team with Kenpo Dragons focusing on communication while older students will learn about collaboration and problem solving. Black Belt Excellence is due October 23rd and 24th.

Kenpo – A Definition

I developed the following definition for the martial art curriculum taught at our school over the last few decades. I first used it to describe our art in the “Path to Excellence” Instructor Levels with my instructor, Skip Hancock.

Kenpo is the root word of our system, the English representation of the characters 拳法 which means “Fist” and “Law” accordingly. Fist (ken) refers to the focal point of using the hands to strike or manipulate while Law (po) is a broad term indicating not only a series of governing rules by denotes the application of ethics, logic, standard models, and rules. It is a concept that frequently arises in Taoist philosophy. When applied together, the term Kenpo can be used to mean the “philosophy, ethics, and logic of fighting with the hands.

Holiday Gifts for your Martial Artist

This holiday season we are lining up the perfect series of gifts for your martial artist. The 2017 Holiday Gift Guide is being delivered in the next few days and this years book has some amazing things for everyone. This year we are ordering all the products from our US distributers to make sure we have the best selection available for you and a higher level of availability. We will be doing two shipments to make sure everyone gets stuff in time for the holiday season. The first shipment will be the start of November and the second will be the start of September. I suggest Hanukkah purchases be done in the first shipment. Some of the things to look at include:

  • ActionFlex Nunchaku – our weapon for 2018; covered in our Black  Belt Tribe and Weapon Workshops
  • Weapon Gear Bag – holds sparring gear, weapons, clothing and more
  • 2018 DMMA Shirt
  • Personal Weapon Sparring Headgear and Gloves
  • Street Kick-boxing Gear (Boxing Gloves, Instep Guards, Boxing Head-gear)
  • And more…

Order sheets will be available this month with holiday posters and our first order happening in November.

2018 School T-shirts

Lara has finished her color selection for our 2018 shirts and they look amazing. You can pre-order your 2018 shirt starting today at the school. Shirts are $24.99 plus tax each. Shirts will be available prior to Christmas in our unusual hidden prize bag fashion. Moms and Dad’s who want a shirt – please feel free to order one!

We have three 2017 shirts left in the school – 2 kid XS and one adult XL. These are available for $20.

Debit Cards and Tap

This is not a test. Debit and tap are finally here. With our new Square Reader for contactless and chip, we can accept mobile payments, credit cards and debit tap. Our new reader has been shipped and we should be ready to go by the 15th. We will be able to accept for pro-shop purchases (including events) – contactless debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and chip credit cards.


Halloween and Other Special Days

Durham Modern Martial Arts will be closed on Tuesday October 31st. Halloween Parties will take place on the week of October 23rd. Full costumes are required for the class. Please make sure you can move and see in your costume. Brittle costumes are not suggested.

Make-up/Catch-up class is on Sunday October 29th. RSVP is required by the 26th. Any classes that do not have sufficient RSVP for the month will be cancelled.

Kenpo Dragons 10:00 AM
Kenpo Karate (all) 11:00 AM
Coaching Program 12:00 PM
Purple and Blue 1:00 PM

400 Square Feet

Not trying to jinx our opportunities but we are negotiating to obtain 400 additional square feet in our school – the area representing the back-half of one of our units. We will have everything confirmed for the end of October and hope to open the new area at the start of the new year (if not sooner). This additional space will add some unique facilities to our school that include a Pro-shop with displayed martial art gear and our dollar store for water and healthy snacks. We will also have a couch for the tired parent and an area for students to do homework with each other between classes. A TV will allow you to watch classes in the room and a coffee machine will be ready to make both coffee and tea. This will also allow us to bring BOB to the school as some additional space is made!

The Magazine

The first issue of our magazine is almost complete and we are on track for deliver in October. We are looking at shooting the final pictures over the next week and then sending it off to the printers. Both a print and eBook copy will be available for purchase. This week we are adding an additional article on Locking the Arm Lock while on the ground. Some of the other topics in our first issue include:

  • Formulation and the “Rear-hand” Answer
  • Angle of Desired Positioning
  • Short Form 1
  • In-depth Study of Five Swords Technique
  • And much more.

Freestyle Tribe

Freestyle Tribe is a team of students working towards improving themselves and the quality of their art through functional training. Tribe members meet each week for a 15-minute training session to explore an idea and build it into a functional level. For the month of October, the Freestyle Tribe will be developing the following skills and ideas:

October 10th – Inward and Outward Crescent Kicks and Combinations
October 17th – Spinning Low Sweep Kick
October 24th – Sparring – Hands Isolation

Hock Hochheim Workshop 2018

We are very proud to announce that Hock Hochheim will return to Whitby for our second annual Combatives workshop featuring Blade-work and the Pacific Archapelgo Fighting Systems with a focus on stick work. This workshop is open to all students age 14 and above. This is a three-day event held April 27th, 28th and 29th.