Guro W. Hock Hochheim Seminar
Pacific Archipelago Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts
Toronto, Canada
April 27-29, 2018

W. Hock Hochheim is a retired military and Texas police patrolman and detective who started training in Parker Kenpo in 1972. He has earned a 3rd degree Black Belt directly from Grandmaster Ernesto Presas Sr. and a 2nd degree directly from Professor Remy Presas, while training in both the United States and the Philippines, achieving Black Belts in other Pacific Island arts like Kajukenbo, Kempo Karate and Aiki-Jitsu. He also has various instructorships in Kali/Silat/Arnis from various systems through the last 5 decades.

It’s about the blend.” Hock has forged all this Filipino, Indonesian, Hawaiian and Japanese knowledge into his Pacific Archipelago Concepts course, the fighting systems of the Pacific Ocean islands. This is an evolved, blended approach. As multiple Black Belt Kevin Bradbury says, “no one organizes material better than Hock does. No one.”

Training Times
Friday – Special Knife Session
12 noon to 4 pm

Saturday and Sunday
9:30 am to 4:30 pm

$75 for Friday
$130 for one day
$200 for two days
$250 for all 3 days
Rank achieved is optional

Durham Modern Martial Arts
605 Brock Street North
Whitby, Ontario
Phone: (905) 493-1044

PAC-2018 Event Pre-registration

Register through our school with the form above or on the Force Neccesary Site.
Space is limited for this event.


Get Ready with these training films!
Pacific Archipelago Combat Videos by Hock

Download your copy of the PAC “Rough” Course Outline.
A great resource for anyone attending this workshop!