Black Belt Excellence is our program that explores the values, philosophy and practices of the Martial Arts so it can be applied in everyday situations. Each month we focus on a specific character development skill that is discussed during class, explored with drills that enforce the idea and a newsletter that discusses the topic.

In each newsletter is a worksheet for our student’s to complete. Once the worksheet is completed, parents sign them and they are returned to class near the end of the month. Student’s are rewarding for excellence in their character development through a unique reward.

Black Belt Excellence homework is also a requirement to progress to new belt levels and to earn monthly accomplishment stripes. The physical martial arts training combined with this program takes each student’s progress to the next level. These life skills are integral part of the martial arts and our teaching philosophy.

Our Black Belt Excellence focus for 2018 is fully planned out with these key lessons:

  • GOALS is the topic for January. A goal is the objective of something we want to accomplish. Student’s will develop a series of short-term goals for the martial arts, school and other activities with a focus on prioritization and identification of success.
  • FOCUS is a great topic to follow goals and February is the perfect month to talk improve the skills needed to pay attention! With a few goals for 2018 defined our next step is to put the drive into accomplishing them.
  • OPTIMISM follows focus and I hope you can see our pattern of success for 2018. With the bumps and curves on the road to reach our goals, we need to have a little bit of optimism to be successful. Optimism is about having an hopefulness and confidence about the successful outcome of something.
  • PERSEVERANCE is the driving force in April and is the drive that gets things done. A hallmark of a martial artist is the Indomitable Spirit – an internal character – the steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty.
  • COURAGE is a key topic each year for Black Belt Excellence as it helps us accomplish things that we find fearful or uncertain. Stepping into a martial art school for the first time takes courage. I wonder what things our students will have the courage to try in May. Maybe a Martial Arts tournament?
  • STRENGTH arrives in June and we are going to look at all its characteristics – physical, mental and emotional. Strength is a great idea that conveys so much – fortitude, resilience, spirit, backbone,  sturdiness, robustness, toughness, hardiness and more.
  • CONFIDENCE like courage is a fundamental idea in the martial arts and is a companion to everything. While courage is the ability to do something that is difficult or fearful, Confidence is the belief that one can rely on someone – yourself to strive to perform. With the summer weather of July, Confidence is going to be a fun month full of challenges!
  • RESPECT is one of the critical subjects at our school and its our focus in August! Our students know we have three types of respect – respect for ourselves, respect for others and respect for the martial arts.
  • FRIENDSHIP is our theme for September as everyone goes back to school and the work. Having great friends is hard and knowing what makes a great friend is important. A lot of our students have made great friends at our school.
  • SELF-ESTEEM and Bully-proof go hand in hand in October. Self-esteem is a quality of respect…respect for yourself. When we have self-esteem we have confidence in our own worth and abilities. A bully’s goal is to discourage us – to take away our courage and self-esteem. Our goal is to never let that happen!
  • GRATITUDE returns in November as we expand our knowledge of the things we should be thankful for and a few ways and which we can demonstrate it with honesty.
  • DECEMBER finishes the year with Leadership. Leardership is not a title or a noun, its a verb. Leadership is about the actions you perform and action-driven success will be part of our discussion.

In 2018 your students will be leveling up their life skills. There is going to be an experience bar on the bottom of each newsletter and, just like a game, each month the experience bar will be more full to show that they are progressing. We are also switching the rewards to wristbands that will indicate which level the student just completed. Here are the outside and inside of the January bands – Each month will show the level and the lesson on the outside and say Black Belt Excellence on the inside. We are SUPER excited about this!!!