Congratulations to Brooke, Ethan, Louis, Jay, Liam, Nickolas, Cooper and Brody for achieving their purple and blue belts in our Winter intermediate cycle test. Each did a great job in preparing for the responsibilities of the test and showing their skills in basics and solving problems with weapons and empty-hands. I am proud of each of you and what you have accomplished!

Holiday Schedule

Hanukkah is already here and Christmas is only moments away followed by New Years! As the cold winter wind hits us here in Whitby and the Christmas Concerts are running amok, its important to take a look at our Holiday Schedule. Remember to always have a look at the announcements on the chalk board in the front of the school.

We will be open December 27th and 28th (between Christmas and New Year) for some great training. If you are planning to attend either of these classes (or both), please let us know. It’s important to confirm the class times. Monday Kenpo Dragons are more than welcome to come to our Thursday 5:30 class.

We will obviously be closed for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day and Boxing Day!

We have also planned our Winter vacation for the first week in January. The first class of 2018 will be Monday January the 8th!

January Nunchaku Workshop

Our first Martial Art workshop is planned for January and will be an introduction to our 2018 Weapon of the Year – the Nunchaku!This workshop will be on January 28th starting at 1PM and will be two hours in length. We are going to cover some of the fundamental hand-held and flailing methods with the Nunchaku as well as problem solving against a variety of techniques. The Nunchaku are a fun weapon and our ActionFlex weapons making it easy to learn. And to answer Alex’s question – yes…for those interested, we will do some Nunchaku sparring!

The First Issue of our Magazine

The first issue of the official DMMA Magazine is available at our school in print as well as PDF. Our initial run of print magazines are almost sold out and I want to thank our first few readers for their comments. This magazine is all about the martial arts and our curriculum. It will provide a valuable resource to all our students. Our second issue is under development and a special spring issue featuring the Nunchaku will also be published.

• A visual review of several forms and sets
• An exploration of defending against grabs
• Explore the principle of “with”
• Fundamentals of the Club
• Principles of Motion Defined
• An Introduction to Ed Parker
• And more!

Updated Contact Information and Announcements

Please make sure we have your updated contact information (address and phone number), especially if you have moved since joining the school. In addition, please make sure we have the email address you wish to receive announcements with. To ensure you receive our messages, our email address should be added as a contact in your e-mail software. E-mail is one of the principle communication methods we have in addition to our Facebook page and Chalkboard.

If bad weather strikes and you are curious if classes are on, please check your email as well as our Facebook page!

Black Belt Tribe

Our goal for Black Belt Tribe is to have the students make a public commitment to getting their Black Belt. Publicly made commitments are powerful! It is a lot more challenging to go back on a promise that has been made in front of your peers.

We have created Black Belt Tribe as a tool for advancing success. Tribe members participate weekly in collaborative exercises, challenge events, and traditional training to improve the quality of their martial arts and its application in everyday life with well-honed precision. We accomplish this by having a group of people dedicated to a common goal represented by a classical symbol of success…the Black Belt!

Wednesday Night Class • Accumulative Journal Subscription • Black Belt Tribe Uniform
Black Belt Tribe Training Events • Traditional Martial Arts Weapon • Challenge Coin and Coin Activities

State your Interest to Join the Tribe
Write a short goal statement for Black Belt
Recite your goal statement to your Peers

Freestyle Tribe

Freestyle is one of most beneficial activities for personal growth and development within the martial arts. Great care is always taken to ensure the correct level of challenge is presented so that students gain great experiences, build wisdom, attain accomplishments and develop courage in themselves!

WHAT IS FREESTYLE? Freestyle is a type of martial arts partner practice that is used to develop self-empowerment, self-discipline and self-protection in students by creating a positive atmosphere that pushes a student just outside their comfort zone. Students utilize a variety of offensive and defensive moves in a controlled, challenge-oriented and cooperative atmosphere where both can learn and benefit.

WHY WE FREESTYLE! From a fighting perspective, sparring helps improve skills in footwork, timing, distance management, accuracy and overall execution of technique. In addition, students are having experiences that build self-confidence, self-control, respect, and courage in an empowering manner


  • Certificate Levels. Students can earn up to five certificate levels in our competitive freestyle methods that cover techniques, tactics, and combinations. Certificate levels also support students belt progressions.
  • Rapid Fire Training. Our weekly training sessions are held on Monday and Tuesday evening from 7:15 to 7:30. These training sessions focus on learning new skills, combinations and tactics in a flash-class setting. These classes are a great way to build skills in a challenge-oriented environment.
  • Freestyle Challenges. The last freestyle class of each month is reserved for challenge sessions. Challenge sessions are short, time-based fights where students gain experiences with their skills learned in our group classes and freestyle rapid fire training sessions. These sessions build skill, confidence and an empowering strength. Challenges operate in a round-robin approach so each student gets to train with everyone else. Each challenge is recorded throughout the year.
  • Pound for Pound Award. In December, we award the pound-for-pound fighter award! This award is granted to the student who has the most wins throughout the year in our monthly freestyle challenges. Student’s names are placed on a plaque, provided a trophy and a certificate!


First training session of 2018 is Tuesday January 9th and Wednesday January 10th! Bring your sparring gear as we work some great interactive drills good for students of all skill levels! Please talk to Mr. Bryan before participation.

Black Belt Excellence 2018

Check out our great schedule of Black Belt Excellence for 2018! Each subject builds off our previous topics! All DMMA students will be participating in the 12 experience levels of Black Belt Excellence.