Class Schedule

Group Karate Classes. Private Lessons. Community Events.

Martial Art Classes in Whitby

Durham Modern Martial Arts provides group classes, private training sessions, community events, and corporate training opportunities within Whitby, Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. Our schedule offers parents and adults several opportunities for training throughout the week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5:30 Kenpo Karate, 8-10 yrs Kenpo Dragons, 6-8 yrs Kenpo Karate, 8-10 yrs Kenpo Dragons, 6-8 yrs
6:30 Kenpo Dragons, 6-8 yrs Kenpo Dragons, 8-10 yrs Black Belt Club Kenpo Dragons, 8-10 yrs
7:30 Kenpo Karate, 11-15 yrs Kenpo Karate, 11-15 yrs Kenpo Karate, 11-15 yrs Kenpo Karate, 11-15 yrs
8:30 Brown and Black Belts Kenpo Karate, Teens/Adults Brown and Black Belts Kenpo Karate, Teens/Adults

Private & Semi-private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons are a great way to learn the martial arts, self-defence skills and combatives in a manner that fits your specific schedule. Training opportunities can be one-on-one, in groups up to four-people or through special weekend extensive sessions. All private and semi-private lessons are by appointment.

6-week Combatives Courses

We offer 6-week combatives courses several times through the year. These classes allow you to experience personal protection skills developed around military fight practices. Each 6-week course explores a series of inter-related subjects on empty-hands and weapon skills.

605 Brock Street North

Durham Modern Martial Arts is located at 605 Brock Street North in Whitby, Ontario. We teach the martial art of Kenpo Karate to Children and Adults in Durham Region. Our martial art school is a clean and open-feel; polished and inspired by the martial arts. Our reception area is about open communication with our staff and seating for our parents and visitors.


School of Martial Arts

The sun shines in on our training room floor prior to the start of a class. Our training room floor is covered with premium martial arts mats with a wood-grain look to give the feel of a traditional martial arts training floor while allowing us to perform advanced ground fighting, throws and grappling safely.


Clean and Organized

Our cubby-system allows our students to put shoes, clothing and gear in a safe and organized area. Our wall decorated with our school motif (the dragon in the mirror) occupies the wall. Our training space features plenty of natural light through our beautiful windows.