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Kenpo Karate for Kids, 6-8

Kenpo Dragons is our class specifically designed to meet the needs of children between the ages of 6 and 8. It's about fun, energy, respect, focus, life skills and safety skills.

Kenpo Dragons: Karate for Kids

Kenpo Dragons is our karate class for kids between the ages of 6 and 8. This tailored Karate program teaches student’s the martial arts with a focus on modern day life and safety skills. On top of some great exercise, fun martial skills students are introduced to a unique theme each month. These themes are about building confident, well-manner, and hard-working children.

Student’s earn accomplishment stripes and karate belts as they experience each module in our program. The foundation for our Kenpo Dragon class is based on Focusing, Listening, Showing Respect and Participation. These are the four areas we focus on with our students as they are the foundation for every other aspect of the martial arts and a healthy childhood.

Some of the qualities your child will develop in our Kenpo Dragon program include:

• Develop a strong level of physical fitness including balance and coordination
• Self-discipline to follow a sequence of commands at one time
• Improvement of short-term, long-term and reactive memory
• Maintaining focus for longer durations
• Better control of their emotions through challenges
• Strong personal belief and self-respect
• Embracing discipline with pride.
• Building team relationships with peers and adults
• Development of basic leadership skills
• Development of sportsmanship like-qualities through tasks and challenges
• Learning to work with others of different ages and skill levels

Age Appropriate

When we say age-appropriate, me mean it. We have taken into consideration a child’s ability to retain information, take responsibility, fun have, and focus into the design of each class. The age groups in our classes and our approach to curriculum is tailored to their specific age expectations.

It’s about quality, commitment and joy a student can achieve in the martial arts that is important to us.


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