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Kenpo Karate for Kids, 8 to 16

Our Kenpo Classes for kids are offered in two age groups, each designed around the educational experiences, retention levels and social capabilities of a child.

Karate Lessons for Kids

Our Kenpo Karate program is an energetic and practical martial art and skill development program for children between the ages of 8 and 16. Built around the three areas of the martial art: discipline, protection, and empowerment; our Kenpo program helps children understand their own concerns while addressing the goals desired by parents.

Martial Art skills are taught for competition as well as self-defense. Student’s learn how to use their martial art techniques to protect themselves from Bullies as well as strangers. In addition, student’s learn how to use the martial arts for sportsmanlike competition.

On top of some great exercise and fun martial art skills, students are introduced to a unique theme each month. These themes are about building confident, well-manner, and hard-working children.

At Durham Modern Martial Arts, belts are never given…they are only earned. Our belt system helps children to understand responsibility, goal setting and consequences through tangible awards including are accomplishment stripe system, Black Belt Excellence worksheets and belt tests.

Some of the qualities your child will develop in our Kenpo Karate program include:

• Development of fine motor skills, coordination and symmetry
• Improvement in muscular strength and flexibility
• Understanding how to focus their attention to various motions of their body
• How to think critically about how to overcome challenges and obstacles.
• How to see the benefit of hard work and dedication.
• How to pay attention during extreme intellectual challenges.
• Trying your hardest and putting forth 100% effort.
• Believing yourself through focus and concentration.
• The importance of standing up for what is right.
• Building the ability to lead others.
• The ability to maintain confidence and effort when challenged by others.

A Black Belt Mindset

Everything we do at our school is built around our philosophy of what is a black belt. Black’s are never given for time or awarded. All belts are earned through responsibility and accomplishments.

Each of our programs is built upon developing great people. Our core is a solid martial art system that integrates modern life and safety skills. We are about traditional martial art values (confidence, courage, discipline, honesty, empowerment) practiced in a contemporary setting with modern fighting skills.

Great Exercise

Exercise is never used as a punishment in our classes. Our kids love the physical fitness section of our classes and often compete as a team in exercise challenges. Our Kenpo Dragons did over 300 Jumping Jacks one class (they decided to do it) and Dylan loves challenging people to push-up competitions (he does over 50 himself). Children can earn merit badges in various skill areas such as Fitness and Academics!

Age Appropriate

When we say age-appropriate, me mean it. We have taken into consideration a child’s ability to retain information, take responsibility, fun have, and focus into the design of each class. The age groups in our classes and our approach to curriculum is tailored to their specific age expectations.

It’s about quality, commitment and joy a student can achieve in the martial arts that is important to us.

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