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Private Martial Art Lessons

"Had an amazing session with American Kenpo instructor Bryan Zarnett. Highly recommended if any one wants to have their striking taken to a scientific level, well broken down and assimilated. We worked on striking theories such as negative and positive orbits, dominance factors, accuracy drilling, checking zones, etc. Definitely someone you should talk to who can open your mind up to amazing theories." (Daniel, Martial Arts Instructor)"

Private Martial Art Lessons


Private Martial Art lessons focus exclusively on your personal needs. We begin with understanding what you would like to learn and experience in your lesson. We then create plan that focuses on your desired areas of interest. We then train through a series of performance drills and technique isolations; answering questions and exploring new interest throughout our session.

At Durham Modern Martial Arts we offer private and semi-private lessons to people of all levels of experience and areas of focus. You can be an active student of our DMMA group classes, come for an intensive 1-on-1 weekend, or train through private lessons only.

  • • Private classes offer maximum flexibility in training for your personal schedule.
  • • Learn specific techniques or a complete martial art curriculum
  • • Whether you train for a class or 10 classes we create a plan for your success.
  • • You can start at any age and with any level of physical fitness
  • • The pace of the class is set specifically to your ability to have positive experiences
  • • Your instructor is your partner for every technique and drill
  • • Customization of the technique to fit your abilities
  • • A great way to advance quickly in the martial arts

Durham Modern Martial Arts is known for its group classes built upon or formula for success — sweating, smiling and experiencing! Those same ideas found in our group classes are brought to every private training session. Private lessons are a great way to start off in the martial arts or to expand your skills through one-on-one training.


Private lessons enable an instructor to teach the lessons in the order that will optimize your learning experience and adapt techniques and drills to suit you individual strengths and weaknesses. Often a private lesson begins with a review of previously learned techniques, followed by the introduction of 2-3 new techniques. Once you fully understand the new methods, we show you how to combine them with previously learned techniques in a series of Performance Drills.

  • • We have taught lessons that focus on “rolling” to experience ground fighting.
  • • We have taught lessons that focus on specific problems (e.g. headlocks defines)
  • • We have taught families how to become bully-proof
  • • We have taught lessons to improve a student’s experience in different martial arts
  • • We have taught lessons designed to fit the responsibilities of law enforcement
  • • We have taught lessons that focused on physical fitness and stretching
  • • We have taught lessons that focus on Chinese Yoga-like exercises (Qi Gung)

The lesson is influenced by the martial arts but it always specific to your personal needs.

If you’re eager to learn the martial arts, and you want to do it in the most efficient way possible, private training is the way to go! To take your first private lessons, simply contact Durham Modern Martial Arts,and we will help you get started right away!

“Bryan Zarnett is an amazing instructor who knows how to push you just enough so you have a great workout and learn a lot. His experiences in clinch work, trapping and striking is amazing. I’ve been training for 6 months with him when I am in the GTA. I have a great time and always look forward to our next class!” (Marcus, Adult Private Student)


We offer private lessons in training blocks of 30-minutes and 60-minutes starting at 6:00 AM on weekdays and weekends. You may purchase a single private lesson or a block of 10 and get 1 private lesson for free.


We provide a wide variety of opportunities for individuals interested in private and semi-private martial art lessons from 30-minute training sessions to weekend intensives. Some of the subjects we have taught in private sessions include:

• Kenpo Karate
• Jeet Kune Do Concepts
• Filipino Weapon Work
• Ground-fighting
• Locks and Throws
• Kenpo Weapon Work
• Meditation
• Physical Fitness Exercises
• And much more

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