Reach your Fitness Goals

6-weeks of High Performance Martial Arts!


Don’t wait until January to reach your fitness goals! Take advantage of our Summer Special – 6 weeks of incredible martial art classes and a free uniform for $69! This is a no-excuse opportunity to reach your fitness goals in a high-energy adult Martial Art!

High Performance Martial Arts Training!

Our Martial Art Classes are taught by adults for adults! We help you build a Martial Art Lifestyle that is fun, focused and helps you reach your personal goals!

  • More Energy and Greater Productivity
  • Improved Focus and Discipline to get things done
  • Goal Management and Achievement
  • Courage and Self-confidence
  • Practical Personal Protection
  • Build Qualities of Leadership
  • Improve Total Health and Athleticism



Classes at Durham Modern Martial Arts are the right challenge after a hard day at work! A great group of people with training that focuses on real-world self-defence, fitness, and as Mr. Zarnett states, “serious fun.” I have left every workshop having learned something new, gained something valuable, and improved my level of fitness.


Adult Student

Always a great time working with Bryan. He always ensures I leave our training session, moving forward into a positive direction. His experience in Martial Art weapon and practical self-defence is second to none. Great training! Great Conversation! The perfect session each and every time.


Martial Arts Instructor

Your Fitness Goals Start Today!

Our High Performance Modern Martial Arts Program
is the perfect way to kickstart your personal fitness program.


The Martial Arts has a tradition of building the qualities of leadership and athleticism through a progressive training approach that is built around your on-going goals, concerns and capabilities. Regardless of your level of experience of physical capabilities, our Martial Arts program is a great way to start working towards your fitness goals!


Six weeks of incredible training in the Martial Arts — smiling, sweating and learning for $69; including a free uniform. 

Start a conversation today at 905-493-1044 and jump into your training