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Journey: The Martial Arts Magazine

By bzarnett | In Life Skills | on September 9, 2016

This magazine was put together as a gift for my friend and martial arts teacher, the legendary Skip Hancock. The articles in this book are written by Mr. Hancock's students and friends. This is not a typical martial art magazine. The focus in on the philosophy, attitude and training in the art. A great look into the Martial Arts and Kenpo Karate from a variety of experienced teachers.

Bryan Zarnett
Publisher & Head Instructor

This is a unique Martial Arts Magazine developed for Senior Grandmaster Skip Hancock as a tribute for his achievements in teaching the martial arts. It's contributors are some of the top people in the martial arts. The articles in this magazine focus on the process of mastery and renewal as well as the application of the martial arts in daily life.

  • Daniel Dee's discusses "Applying the Cycle of Considerations in High Risk Employee Terminations" in his article Highly Volatile
  • Lawrence Robinson covers "The Better Badguy Handbook"
  • Frank Pollara discusses "The process of renewal"
  • Scott Marker takes a look at his relationship with Ed Parker Sr. in Getting to Know Ed Parker and his family on a personal level.

And much more!

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Journey Volume 1 - September 2016
Journey Volume...
By Bryan Zarnett
Photo book

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