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5 Life Lessons Taught by Martial Arts

By bzarnett | In Martial Arts | on July 21, 2016

Belts at Durham Modern Martial Arts represent a student’s accomplishments while training in the school and how they practice in daily life. Many of the lessons learned while punching, kicking and grappling are applicable to our daily lives. We say that a martial artist is someone who demonstrates their art in everything they do. Here are five great life lessons that the martial art teaches you on your path to success:

  1. Doing is always better than trying. First and foremost, a study of the martial arts is a pursuit of responsibility to achieve success through our actions. Belts are earned for our accomplishments while training in the school and how we practice it in everyday life. When we are evaluated by our teachers and peers for our belt we need to demonstrate our accomplishments at a specific level of skill. We only develop these skills by consistent and positive training. You don’t hear “it’s too hard” on the floor during training. What you do hear is, “Let me do that again!” Every student knows that showing your accomplishments is always better than saying I tried to doing something.
  2. Mistakes are not failures but lessons. There is a theme in the martial arts and it’s called accomplishments. Each time your partner scores a point in sparring. Each time you make a mistake in a freestyle combination or the application of a wrist-lock – these are lessons in the art and not failures! We only fail when we repeat the same mistake consistently by not learning from our mistakes. In the martial arts when we make a mistake we don’t blame other people, we don’t cry and we don’t give up. We do re-present the situation to understand what happened and learn from what went wrong.
  3. The Journey is more satisfying than the Destination. A black belt is a great achievement. We look at Black Belt as a symbolic representation of each individual’s accomplishments through the martial arts. The belt contains each person’s blood, sweat, tears that allowed you to learn the art and apply it on and off the mat. When we are awarded the Black Belt it’s always a rapturous joy to have that long piece of fabric wrapped around our waste. We find even more joy reflecting upon all the little things that let up to that moment. We also look forward to the future as we know our journey holds more.
  4. Fall Seven, Rise Eight. You failed to check your partner’s shoulder and have a black eye from an accidental head-butt. Sometimes your partner’s fist or foot connects a little too solidly during freestyle. Maybe that knee strike to the thigh was a little too hard in training. Perhaps you simply tripped and fell. Each time we get back-up, take care of ourselves and continue. If its partner work, they will apologize and you will smile and tell them that is not a concern…the small things happen! We know it’s a small thing and although we are sweating from our workout we know that what happened will not wreck our weekend or our partnership.
  5. We are a Martial Arts Family. Whether it’s at your own school, a Gathering of Martial Artists, a workshop or at another school you will share stories, hugs, tips, strikes, fatigue, energy and frustration. The other student’s in the school change from partners to family members and the school becomes a second home. The seniors will be your elder brothers and the juniors will be your little sisters or brothers. It might not be a biological family but these are the people you trust yourself towards.

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