Martial Art Classes

We help people develop the qualities of leadership and athleticism through the martial arts to empower success in everything they do.

We are dedicated to building our community one Black Belt at a time. A Black Belt is a symbol of accomplishment for a Durham Modern Martial Art Athlete. Every student that comes to our school has the potential to become a Black Belt.

A Martial Artist for us is not just a person that studies a martial arts. Rather, its a person that has the qualities of a leader and an athlete. A Martial Artist demonstrates their art in everything they do! A Martial Artist is a leader, an athlete, a scholar, and a warrior!

Age-appropriate Classes

When we say age-appropriate, me mean it. We have taken into consideration a child’s ability to retain information, take responsibility, fun have, and focus into the design of each class. The age groups in our classes and our approach to curriculum is tailored to their specific age expectations.

Mat Chats

Mat Chats are one of the tools we use to convey the life lessons found in the martial arts. Mat Chats are interactive sessions that help students understand how to apply the values and principles of Karate and every day life.

Black Belt Mindset

We build students around the traits of a Black Belt. A Black Belt is known for setting goals, meeting expectations and taking responsibility for their actions. This is the foundation of success through the Martial Arts.

KENPO DRAGONS is our karate class for kids between the ages of 6 and 8. This tailored Karate program teaches student’s the martial arts with a focus on modern day life and safety skills. On top of some great exercise, fun martial skills students are introduced to a unique theme each month. These themes are about building confident, well-manner, and hard-working children.

Student’s earn accomplishment stripes and karate belts as they experience each module in our program. The foundation for our Kenpo Dragon class is based on Focusing, Listening, Showing Respect and Participation. These are the four areas we focus on with our students as they are the foundation for every other aspect of the martial arts and a healthy childhood.

Our KENPO KARATE is an energetic and practical martial art and skill development program for children, teens and adults. Built around the three areas of the martial art: discipline, protection, and empowerment; our Kenpo program helps our students address their own individual goals and concerns.

Our approach to the martial arts is built around three concepts: discipline, protection and empowerment. Traditionally these are referred to as body, mind and spirit. Through the art of Kenpo Karate individuals develop practical self-defense skills, leadership qualities, self-discipline, self-empowerment, great speaking skills, and more.

We teach traditional martial art values in a contemporary martial art with modern teaching methods and ideas.

Martial Art skills are taught for competition as well as self-defense. Student’s learn how to use their martial art techniques to protect themselves from Bullies as well as strangers. In addition, student’s learn how to use the martial arts for sportsmanlike competition. On top of some great exercise and fun martial art skills, students are introduced to a unique theme each month. These themes are about building confident, well-manner, and hard-working children.

Private Martial Art lessons focus exclusively on your personal needs. We begin with understanding what you would like to learn and experience in your lesson. We then create plan that focuses on your desired areas of interest. We then train through a series of performance drills and technique isolations; answering questions and exploring new interest throughout our session.

At Durham Modern Martial Arts we offer private and semi-private lessons to people of all levels of experience and areas of focus. You can be an active student of our DMMA group classes, come for an intensive 1-on-1 weekend, or train through private lessons only.

Private lessons enable our instructors to teach the lessons in the order that will optimize your learning experience and adapt techniques and drills to suit you individual strengths and weaknesses. Often a private lesson begins with a review of previously learned techniques, followed by the introduction of 2-3 new techniques. Once you fully understand the new methods, we show you how to combine them with previously learned techniques in a series of Performance Drills.

Find out more on our Private Training page.

Class for Children and Adults starting at 6-years of Age | Classes organized around Age Groups | Group, Private and Semi-private Lessons
A focus on Self-empowerment, Self-discipline, Self-development and Self-protection.

Our Introduction Program

Our Introduction Program is the best way to get started in the Martial Arts. Our two group lessons allow you to experience our classes to understand what we teach, meet other students and build rapport with our instructors. A free uniform helps you get right into the atmosphere of training in the martial arts! Our introduction program is only $30 and has no obligations.

What Our Parents Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let the parent’s of our students do the talking!

Bryan Zarnett is a great teacher. Callum is enthusiastic about martial arts because of Bryan. It’s not just the physical aspect. It teaches discipline, a positive and balanced attitude.


Proud Dad

Thank you for being such an awesome Karate teacher! Your class is exactly what Matthew needs for building his confidence, focus and making new friends – we are very grateful!


Proud Mom

My son Ethan has become confident, respectful, empathic to others. Bryan is an amazing instructor, he knows how to have fun yet have teachings that relatable to outside real life situations!


Proud Mom

Read what our students, parents, and workshop participants think about our school on our Social Proof Page!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You can get started training in our Whitby Martial Arts school today by calling us at 905-493-1044. We will schedule an appointment with you to take part of our introduction program. Our introduction program includes a free uniform and two group lessons – the best way to try out our classes, meet the other students and ensure that our programs are the right fit for you. We look forward to seeing you on the mats.

When do your sessions begin?

Durham Modern Martial Arts operates all year round enrolling new students during the first two weeks of every month.

Do you offer beginner level classes?

Although we do not have a specific beginner class our approach to teaching, our school atmosphere, and class structure is perfect for all individual regardless of previous experience or fitness level. We help ensure that all people that join our school get a great first experience in our classes that will make you feel comfortable and leave you smiling. For students that are nervous about their first experience we can also arrange to have a private lesson with our head instructor to get you familiar with the basics.

Do I need to have prior experience?

No prior experience in the martial arts is needed to start our classes. Your first step on your martial arts journey only requires the right attitude and a little bit of courage to try out your first class.

Am I too old to train?

You are never too old to train in the martial arts at Durham Modern Martial Arts. Our Head Instructor Bryan Zarnett enjoys training in the martial arts every day at the age of 47. We have students from a variety of ages from their early twenties to their mid 60s. Our classes are designed to help you meet your own goals through the martial arts regardless of your age.

Do you charge for your belt tests and new belts?

Unlike many other schools we do not have any hidden charges including charges around belt tests. Belts are earned in our school and we are always proud to award every student a new accomplishment stripe, a new belt and our wonderful custom belt certificates. This philosophy is maintained from white belt to the highest level of Black Belt.

How long will it take to get my Black Belt?

Belts at Durham Modern Martial Arts are earned through a series of accomplishments and experiences performed during training. Each individual works towards their individual belt accomplishments and the goal of Black Belt at their own pace.  Most students can earn their Black Belt in five to eight years of training at our school.

Student’s who are interested in progressing at a more advanced pace can choose to train through private lesson as well as our group classes.

The First Step is to Give Us a Call

The simplist way to get started is to send us an email or give us a call at 905-493-1044. We will answer any of your questions to help you make the best decision on starting on the path of the martial arts. Find out why over 100 active students in the martial arts and combatives program train, accomplish and inspire others through Durham Modern Martial Arts!