Train in the Dojo. Practice in Everyday Life!

Durham Modern Martial Arts Teaches Kids Alot!

We not only supply children with a fun, high energy activity to partake in after school,
but we do our best to instil beneficial life skills into young minds. Arm you child with both CONFIDENCE AND COMPETENCE! Our martial arts system is based on true self defense skills that are practical in today’s society. Taught by instructors that care and uphold martial arts values.

Focus, Concentration, Self-Discipline, Positive Thinking, and…GRATITUDE.

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Two Group Lessons and a Free Uniform for $30
It’s an amazing way to start on the road to Success through the Martial Arts!

A Black Belt is a symbol of a Martial Artist. It is a representation of the accomplishments of the individual in everything they do. At Durham Modern Martial Arts we develop the qualities of Leadership, Athleticism, Teamwork and Passion that lead to Success!

MAT CHATS – Discussions within our classes where students answer questions on how the martial arts can be used in our every day activities from home, to school and everywhere in-between.

FRIENDS – Martial Arts is known for improving kids and adults physically, mentally and emotionally. It also improves kids socially by introducing them to great friends with similar interests!

GRAPPLING – Students learn a comprehensive martial art system that includes stand-up grappling with throws and takedowns.

FITNESS – We help establish a culture of health and fitness where exercise is fun and a reward. Fitness challenges help motivate our students to be their best.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS – Belts are earned; they are never given. Belts and our beautiful certificates are rewards for a students accomplishments in the martial arts and everyday life.

Our Programs builds the Qualities of Leadership and Athleticism

Our Introduction Program is the Best Way to start your Martial Art Journey!
Two Group Lessons and a Free Uniform for $30

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