Videos on the Martial Art of Kenpo Karate

The Kenpo Salute

The Kenpo Salute is a demonstration of respect between two martial artists. It is a greeting, similiar to a handshake that comes from our arts Chinese background. Between Martial Artists it is a statement of working together with the proper attitude, energy, and passion so that each individual can improve in their pursuit of the arts.

The Kenpo Salutation

Like the Salute, The Kenpo Salutation is a demonstration of respect in addition to being a symbolic representation of the Martial Art Belief system recited in the Kenpo Creed. The Salutation is done at the start and end of every class. It is a formal representation of the salute (showing respect to other martial artists) in addition to a demonstration of respect for the martial arts and its history.

Master Key Set

Master Key Method of Execution Set is a training pattern used to improve the quality of your master key methods of execution (hammer, thrust and whip). This video provides an overview of these methods of execution, their points of reference as well as the set used to develop these fundamental muscle movements. This set is unique to our art of Kenpo and was developed by Kenpo Master Skip Hancock.

Block Set

A survey of Block Set 1 (Star Block Set) found in the American Kenpo Karate system. This video provides an overview of the sequence of motion associated to this set using Master Key Methods of Execution in addition to the common definitions. The focus on this set is the development of Strike Blocks with consideration for economy of motion, margin for error and “with”.