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Bryan Zarnett

Owner, Head Teacher
Hello, my name is Bryan Zarnett and I am the head instructor of Durham Modern Martial Arts. My parents gave me the great opportunity at the age of 9 to study the martial arts and I have never stopped since. Over 33 years later I have earned instructor credentials and black belt in several martial arts. I have met some great people. I have travelled all over the world for business and the martial arts. I have been an international speaker, consultant and teacher. I have had wonderful opportunities that were developed through my study of the martial arts.

Lara Iuele

Program Manager
Lara is the Durham Modern Martial Arts program director; the friendly voice on the phone and the source for all your DMMA answers. Lara brings her decades of business and project management expertise to help ensure our school is run efficiently. With a Bachelors Degree and an incredible series of experiences in management, social dynamics, business and project management; Lara is instrumental in the development and operations of our school from planning our special events, coordinating new student activities, and making sure the needs of DMMA student’s are met. She also packs a mean right punch!

Bryan Zarnett is a senior instructor of the martial arts and has taught classes and workshops across Canada and the United States. Mr. Zarnett is happy to lend his knowledge, experience and training methods in the martial arts to schools and organizations through workshops, camps and professional development seminars.

Martial Art Events are designed to complement your martial art style, approach and student body. We provide a tailored and complementary approach that helps students from white belt to black belt improve their understand and practice of the art while having a great time. Our key themes are great experiences, retention of material, smiling and sweating. Events can be hosted at your location or we can host an event for you at our school in Whitby (Durham Region).

Bryan is an excellent martial artist and an amazing teacher. He has such a wide variety of experience and wisdom that I learn something new every time I train with him. He also has a way of explaining concepts that makes them easy to understand and apply.


Had an amazing session with American Kenpo instructor Bryan Zarnett. Highly recommended if any one wants to have their striking taken to a scientific level, well broken down and assimilated. Definitely someone you should talk to who can open your mind up to amazing theories.”


I was surprised how easy it was to incorporate throws into my Tae Kwon Do. Master Zarnett did an incredible job of showing us how to integrate throws into our poomsae. The drills he had us do made it really easy.”


Our Martial Arts Lineage

Bryan Zarnett has trained in the martial arts since 1979 and has been an active instructor since 1994. His credentials include:

  • Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate Black Belt
  • Senior Instructor, Jeet Kune Do
  • Senior Instructor, Filipino Martial Arts
  • Instructor, Executive PFS
  • Instructor, Hsing-I Ch’uan
  • SFC Quarter Combat Class Organizer
  • SFC Knife Instructor
  • Certified Tuina (Chinese Massage) Practitioner

Durham Modern Martial Arts represents the Parker/Hancock/Zarnett lineage of American Kenpo Martial Arts. Mr. Zarnett’s experiences in the martial arts continue under the guidance of his mentor and friend, Mr. Skip Hancock. Mr. Hancock is recognized as one of the 24 Most Proficient American Kenpoists of Today. As a close student of Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker, Skip Hancock would continually travel throughout the United States and Internationally to learn, teach and present the art of Kenpo. He was instrumental in the authoring of several books on the martial arts; the development of an international instructors program, and a good friend.

Today Mr. Hancock is still presenting innovations in the art of Kenpo. He travels internationally for seminars. Mr. Hancock runs his own school in Spokane Washington, runs “The Path to Excellence”, and comes for training, long walks and food in Whitby several times a year to train and chat with the students of Durham Modern Martial Arts

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