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Private and Personalized Training

Our goal here at Durham Modern Martial Arts is to help every student become a better version of themselves! We use the latest technology and curriculum backed by years of research and development via our Kenpo Karate program to assist us in accomplishing our goal.

We are also driven to go above and beyond to open up our schedule to be able to offer our students private lessons! Private lessons are a 1-on-1 approach to learning and since everyone learns at a different pace and in their own way sometimes these lessons can be an incredible force multiplier for our martial art student’s confidence.

A private lesson never hurts! It actually only helps! If you agree that progress, confidence or a having a leg-up would motivate your martial artist, then feel free to get in touch with your instructor to set up a time that works for you. If you have any further questions, feel free to see us at the front desk!

A Targeted Approach to PROGRESS
Everyone’s goal is to be better than they were the day before. In class sometimes it may be harder to keep up with one skill/drill/technique than others. In a private lesson setting our instructors are able to break down their physical, intellectual, emotional and/or social stage of development. This allows us to pinpoint what skill/technique needs the most work, as well as,
approach their progression in a manner that best suits the student. Ongoing or weekly lessons also help to multiply the amount of progression. Now that’s value!

Increased CONFIDENCE in Class
Lessons usually run in 30 minute blocks; and after a lesson or two, parents should see a noticeable positive difference in their child’s attitude in class. This is because our instructors were able to turn their weakness into a strength! Now your martial artist will be more confident to take on new challenges because they have tasted the rewards of victory after overcoming a challenge.

More REWARDING Testing Experience
The weeks leading up to testing is a great time to schedule a lesson with your favorite instructor. This is because we will be able to bolster any weak areas and also provide feedback on how we can turn that 4 (great score) into a 5 (Perfect score)! Knowing exactly what is expected of you at testing, along with putting a lesson’s worth of feedback into action will ultimately reward your martial artist with both a great score but a fantastic positive experience.

Always a great time working with Bryan. He always ensures I leave our training session, moving forward into a positive direction. His experience in Martial Art weapon and practical self-defence is second to none. Great training! Great Conversation! The perfect session each and every time.


Security Professional, Martial Arts Teacher

American Kenpo Karate • Force Necessary Combatives • Hsing-i Ch’aun • Personal Protection

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We offer one-on-one training, semi-private training for 2 to 4 people as well as weekend intensive sessions; each designed to fit the goals of our students and those interested in personal protection. Private Training is available on weekends and during the day throughout the week. All sessions are by appointment only and are pre-paid.