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Thoughts on our Martial Art Classes

We are proud to provide quality martial arts instruction to the community of Durham Region. We have built our school on the passion and philosophy of our head instructor and senior martial artists, Mr. Bryan Zarnett. We create a positive environment in which students can reach their own individual goals through martial art training. Trying a class is the best way to feel the Durham Modern Martial Arts difference. Read what a few of our parents and students have to say:

Durham Modern Martial Art Students with Skip Hancock

On our Self-defence Workshops…

“Thank you so much Bryan! I found the lessons and strategies very practical, interactive and highly applicable. It was taught in a way that was very easy to understand having no martial arts background.” (Perla)

“I came in really nervous and left with a smile on my face. Thank you Bryan for a fun class. I enjoyed working with everyone and was surprised how easy it was. Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you so much!” (Sarah)

What our Adults say…

“I have really enjoyed the classes you are offering. When I started this class I had a back problem, now I am having trouble remembering where I had pain. I am grateful for the training I received, physical and mental, as I am definitely practicing a lot of what you taught me in class, in my daily life.” (Darryl)

“Bryan is an excellent martial artist and an amazing teacher. He has such a wide variety of experience and wisdom that I learn something new every time I train with him. He also has a way of explaining concepts that makes them easy to understand and apply.” (Vivek, Martial Arts Instructor)

“Had an amazing session with American Kenpo instructor Bryan Zarnett. Highly recommended if any one wants to have their striking taken to a scientific level, well broken down and assimilated. We worked on striking theories such as negative and positive orbits, dominance factors, accuracy drilling, checking zones, etc. Definitely someone you should talk to who can open your mind up to amazing theories.” (Daniel, Martial Arts Instructor)”

“Bryan Zarnett is a skilled martial artist and a great instructor. I had the pleasure of training under him for years. Bryan has put much study into the science of learning and constantly strives to revise and improve his methods. Classes are well organized with focus on technique as well as underlying principles. The training atmosphere is relaxed, though students are encouraged to be respectful, as Bryan says: ‘training should be serious fun.’ I heartily recommend DMMA.” (Ryan)

“Thanks to Bryan Zarnett from Durham Modern Martial Arts for today’s American Kenpo workshop on assessing environment and making choices when applying self defense techniques. Had a lot of fun.” (Aleem)

“Great fun! Nice to go to an adult class where I am being taught valid self defense techniques and the theory behind them. The lessons are challenging but straight forward and I have learned a lot in a short time.”(Graham)

What the Parent’s say…

“Fabulous school with amazing teacher who will enhance your child’s life,improve their confidence and show bully’s the correct way to address conflict. Bryan Rocks.” (Judy)

“I personally love how you run the class and the program.” (Marni)

“Dylan was so proud of his yellow belt, he brought it too school to show his class” (Michelle)

“By the way, Kieran is really enjoying the class. You have a really good manner with the kids. He much rather be there rolling on the floor with the other kids than in Ottawa.” (Michele)

“Bryan Zarnett is a great teacher. Callum is enthusiastic about martial arts because of Bryan. It’s not just the physical aspect. It teaches discipline, a positive and balanced attitude. It builds character and we see positive changes in Callum and his self esteem.” (Rorie)

“Thank you for being such an awesome Karate teacher! Your class is exactly what Matthew needs for building his confidence, focus and making new friends – we are very grateful!” (Bonnie)

“Amazing company who has helped my son become confident, respectful and better understand his mind, body and spirit!! Thank you Bryan and Lara for working so hard to ensure that our kids are constantly working towards goals but having fun at the same time smile emoticon.” (Marta)

“My son has been taking Karate at DMMA since May and we couldn’t be more pleased with his growth in just a few short months. When he began, we shared that his self confidence was something we wanted him to work on and we’ve seen such a difference! Tonight was his last class as we are unfortunately moving away this weekend, but I know Nate will never forget his time at DMMA. We will be looking for a new studio once we are settled on the new city and they will definitely have big shoes to fill. All the best to you Bryan, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

We are very impressed with DMMA. Our son’s confidence is continuing to grow, he learns valuable life skills and street smarts, on top of his martial art skills & basics, and he always always goes and leaves with a smile. For us in Oshawa, it is worth the drive to Whitby! (April)

My son Ethan has become confident, respectful, empathic to others. Bryan is an amazing instructor, he knows how to have fun yet have teachings that relatable to outside real life situations! (Jennifer)

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