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Bryan Zarnett

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"Bryan is an excellent martial artist and an amazing teacher. He has such a wide variety of experience and wisdom that I learn something new every time I train with him. He also has a way of explaining concepts that makes them easy to understand and apply." (Vivek, Martial Arts Instructor)


Hello, my name is Bryan Zarnett and I am the head instructor of Durham Modern Martial Arts. My parents gave me the great opportunity at the age of 9 to study the martial arts and I have never stopped since. Over 33 years later I have earned instructor credentials and black belt in several martial arts. I have met some great people. I have travelled all over the world for business and the martial arts. I have been an international speaker, consultant and teacher. I have had wonderful opportunities that were developed through my study of the martial arts.

I have studied with some of the most wonderful teachers and martial artists in the world such as Skip Hancock, Joe Rebelo, Gerald Sharp and Burton Richardson. They have allowed me to reach great levels in the systems of Kenpo, Hsing-I, and Jeet Kune Do as well as the bigger picture item, the martial arts.

Durham Modern Martial Arts was developed around building a community of individuals that, like me, gain great benefits from the martial arts. We designed DMMA around the knowledge that a Black Belt that is earned creates strong leaders and athletes. It creates a well rounded person…a martial artist!

Bryan Zarnett’s Experiences

  • • Training in the martial arts since 1979
  • • Teaching the martial arts since 1994
  • • Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate Black Belt
  • • Senior Instructor, Jeet Kune Do
  • • Senior Instructor, Filipino Martial Arts
  • • Instructor, Executive PFS
  • • Instructor, Hsing-I Ch’uan
  • • Certified Tuina (Chinese Massage) Practitioner

Mr. Zarnett is available for workshops in the Martial Arts in Canada and internationally. For more information about hosting a workshop please read our Workshop page.

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