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We have a culture of fitness. Exercise and physical training is a reward...never a punishment! Francesca shows incredible rhythm and strength in using the battle ropes during a personal training session!
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Principles and Philosophy
Role of Attitude in the Martial Arts
Our High Performance Habit for June is a little different...it's about Attitude! Attitude is 50% of everything we do and its the first 50%. Our attitude dictates how we think, feel and position our body towards anything. 

Having a clear definition of attitude is critical. Without an understanding of what attitude means, it can easily be co-opted to mean the wrong thing. As explained in this video, attitude is the arrangement of our body and mind towards ourselves and other things.
Our Mental Blueprint to Fighting
With a clear understanding of what attitude is, we need to look at our attitude towards danger. Martial Arts is great at building characteristics of leadership and athleticism but we always deal with physical dangers first. Having a clear mental blueprint or mindset about danger (and fighting or conflict) is important. Our next video explains our two attitudes towards conflict – "danger exists and it can happen to me" followed by "I have the right to defend myself."
Color Code of Awareness
The next element for study this month is the Color Code of Awareness. The color code is a tool for understanding when we are aware or unaware. It associates a variety of colors (white, yellow, orange and red) to four fundamental states of awareness. In our third video, learn how to match each color to the four basic states of awareness – unaware, aware, alert and action!
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