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Ancient Martial Art Secret...Drink Water!
Written by Bryan Zarnett
When thinking about a healthy lifestyle of a martial artist, drinking water comes into mind. Drinking water allows us to be hydrated (“to absorb water”) and hydration supports positive physical, mental and emotional fitness. 

When we have temperatures that range above 34º we talk a lot about drinking water, but water is important in all seasons. Many people demonstrate signs of deteriorated health in all seasons do to dehydration…especially children. Consider these…
Stretching Fundamentals
Written by Bryan Zarnett
Stretching is something “we just do” in the martial arts. It’s also something we continually question and try to improve. What stretch is best? When do I stretch? Will this help prevent injuries? Is this for health, flexibility or both? These are questions every martial artist should ask…and everyone in general! They are excellent questions with some answers that can be a bit confusing. 
One Strike. One Kill?
Written by Bryan Zarnett
In this video we examine the traditional Japanese Martial Art concept of Ikken Hissatsu or "killing with one strike." Discussed in traditional Karate, Jujutsu and Kenpo, killing with one strike is an idea about tactics - the ability to strike or manipulate vital targets in order to create a desired effect. In this video we examine the logic and a few tactics that realize this concept, or more appropriately...ending the fight with a single strike.
Attitude and the Martial Arts
Written by Bryan Zarnett
Our High Performance Habit for June is a little different...it's about Attitude! Attitude is 50% of everything we do and its the first 50%. Our attitude dictates how we think, feel and position our body towards anything. 

Having a clear definition of attitude is critical. Without an understanding of what attitude means, it can easily be co-opted to mean the wrong thing. As explained in this video, attitude is the arrangement of our body and mind towards ourselves and other things.

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