Martial Art Classes for Kids
Teaching Self-defence, Character Development and Fitness for Kids
Kenpo Dragons for ages 6 to 8 • Martial Art Athletes for ages 9 to 16
It Starts with our Goals!
It's not just about learning a martial art, it's about using the martial arts everyday as a tool for success! Our Martial Art programs for children and adults were developed on the idea that our modern Karate system can be used to develop the qualities of leadership and athleticism in everyone; build qualities that allow everyone to be successful at the things they are passionate about!
  • Self-Awareness
  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  •  Self-defence
  •  Courage
  •  Optimism
A Mixed Martial Arts for Kids!
Karate is one of the original mixed martial arts, employing "fighting" skills that include punching, kicking, grappling, throws, joint locks and a lot of other fun ideas! The goal of "the mix" is to give each martial artist with a set of tools to handle any problem they come against. Fighting is about problem solving and our students have a great set of skills, ideas and experiences to help solve simple or complex problems.
  • Bully-proof skills when things get dangerous 
  • Stranger danger and street wise safety
  • Self-defence as well as competition training
  •  Answer the who, what, when and where of fighting
Character Development & Fitness.
Self-defence or personal protection isn't the only thing we teach at Durham Modern Martial Arts. Kids (and adults) learn how to apply the martial arts in everything they do. This is done through our character development program (High Performance Habits) and our culture of physical fitness as a reward and passion!

Some of the high performance habits our Martial Art Students have learned in our classes include:
  • Goal Setting and Getting Stuff Done
  • Respect for yourself and Others
  • Confidence and Courage
  •  Doing the Honest Thing
  •  Street Smarts
Self-defence or Competition
While we focus on practical self-defence we recognize the importance of competition in the development of kids. Children learn how to use their martial art skills against bullies and strangers as well as apply their knowledge for fitness and martial art tournaments.

Our students have competed in Open Martial Art Tournaments for sparring, forms and even using "soft" weapons. They have run Spartan Race Sprints (obstacle course races) and are equally prepared for competitions in academic schooling.
Our Class Schedule
A Few Kind Words from our Amazing Parents!
One of the many amazing things you will find at our school is the sense of community. Not only do we have great students, but the parents are amazing as well. Here are a few things some of our parents have to say about our martial art classes and some of the things our program has done to help their children!
Discipline and Focus
A Foundation for Fitness
Strong Confident Kids!
 Great instruction and a really great positive learning environment. My daughter loves "Mr. Bryan" and looks forward to learning and pushing herself every week. – Robert, Proud Dad
Our Head Instructor, Bryan Zarnett
Bryan Zarnett is the head instructor and co-owner of Durham Modern Martial Arts in Whitby. Bryan has been involved in the Martial Arts since the age of 9 and has never stopped since. He is known for his teaching style - a blend of fun, discipline and passionate energy. As a martial artist, he is a recognized master instructor and black belt in several systems including American Kenpo Karate, Filipino Martial Arts, and Jeet Kune Do! 
My goal is that every student at our school have the same sucess I have had through the martial arts. I want them to meet great people, be successful, have adventures, and see the world!
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The best way to experience the martial arts is through our introduction program. Meet our amazing students, chat with our great parents, experience our classes and meet our staff!
  • 2 Amazing Group Lessons - the Best Around!
  • A Martial Arts Uniform - Get into the Spirit of the Art
  • Building Success in the Martial Arts eBook
  • Bully-proof Basics Worksheet
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