Martial Art Classes for Teens and Adults
Teaching Self-defence, Character Development and Fitness for Kids
Martial Arts Classes for Adults in Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax and the GTA
Practical Self-defence! Functional Fitness!
We have a foundational goal in our martial art classes - to have you leave smiling, sweating and having had a great experience! People come to our school for a variety of reasons. Some want to be able to defend themselves or their family. Other people are looking for a fitness program to get them into the best shape of their lives. We have people who have come to meet great people and others who want to become proficient in Combatives, Kenpo Karate and Jeet Kune Do (buzzwords for our martial art systems). 

Your motivation is important to us. It allows us to share the art with you so you can reach your own personal goals. Along the way, we give you that little bit of push so, sweat and learn!
Old School Mixed Martial Arts
We are a traditional martial art school. That means that we use a practical fighting system to build confidence in self-defence while at the same time forging your own levels of physical fitness and character development. It's those three elements that make a martial artist.

But that is not were the "mixed" in mixed martial arts comes from. That comes from your multi-dimensional approach to practical self-defence.
  •  Stand-up Striking, Stand-up Grappling, & Ground Fighting
  • Punching, Kicking, Locks, Chokes and Throws
  •  Last Resort Tactics for when things go really bad
  • Defending against home abuse and professional criminals
Great People Don't Hurt!
We have some amazing people at our school. Meeting new people is not on everyone list of reasons to join a martial art school but it happens! Part of the energy in our school is the shared stories, activities and fun we all have! 

Meeting great people from multiple cultures, experiences, and backgrounds is just one of the amazing things that happens in the martial arts through classes, workshops and global events. 
Be a Martial Art Athlete!
Ever thought of running a Spartan or Tough Mudder Race? Our student's do and it always done with pride and a smile! Fitness is an important part of our school...and its part of our culture! We keep you moving through the class and couple this with body-weight exercises that allow you to improve your physical fitness at your own pace. You will never feel like you are falling behind!
  • A great way to start a fitness routine
  • Work at your level of ability - we do push you a bit!
  • Martial Art and Body-weight Exercises
  •  Personal Fitness Programs designed on request
  •  Support for changes in body weight and composition
Our Class Schedule
Our Adult Classes are Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8:30 PM. Each class runs for 60-minutes
A Few Kind Words from our Amazing Students!
One of the many amazing things you will find at our school is the sense of community. Not only do we have great students, but the parents are amazing as well. Here are a few things some of our parents have to say about our martial art classes and some of the things our program has done to help their children!
Increased Confidence
Protection for my Family
 DMMA is a phenomenal place to learn and study Martial Arts. If you are looking for American Kenpo, instructor Bryan Zarnett is a key choice, and continually worth every trip I make, from Toronto, to see him. Highly recommended – Daniel
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The best way to experience the martial arts is through our introduction program. Meet our amazing students, chat with our great parents, experience our classes and meet our staff!
  • 2 Amazing Group Lessons - the Best Around!
  • A Martial Arts Uniform - Get into the Spirit of the Art
  • Kick Start Martial Art Fitness Plan
  • Copy of our Martial Arts Magazine - "Accumulative Journal"
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